The government had set aside 10 acres for the creation of a school.  However when discussions started at the thought of having a school there the residents felt the ground was too swampy. The late Mr. S Bellamy, who lived at the Waiomou Homestead and owned all the surrounding block gave four acres of his land for the opening of a school. This was accepted and is the current site of the school. It was recommended that a building be constructed in April 1913 to accommodate 40 pupils. The school was completed in August of 1914 and then opened on September 14 1914 with 26 pupils. The first teacher was Mr Musgrove. 

When the school first opened it was called Waiomou School. In 1922 the name was changed from Waiomou School to Okoroire. In 1927 negotiations began for the building of a further classroom. While this was being built classes were held in the hall.

In 2003 there was discussions held between the Boards of Okoroire School and Tapapa School. They agreed to voluntarily merge the schools to form one school. This was done and in 2003 buildings from Tapapa School were moved onto the Okoroire School site. This site was settled on as at the time Tapapa School was on the main highway. It was decided that the school would have a new name and thus Kuranui School was formed.